Fall asleep in Minutes

The weighted blanket increases your speed of falling asleep. Thanks to the glass balls inside, it supports the production of melatonin hormone in your body and prevents you from turning around in bed for hours. It allows you to sleep soundly like a baby. You can have uninterrupted and quality sleep all night long.

Weighted Blankets for your health...

Why SINADA Weighted Blanket?

Problems caused by poor quality sleep can be seen in all areas of life. It’s been estimated that every one of five traffic accidents is caused by sleeplessness. The fact that those who sleep well can earn more than the average person is a very concrete example of the importance of quality sleep.
During the R&D process of the first domestically produced weighted blankets exported from Turkey to Europe, we were also sleepless (Please read the details in the About Us section). That's why we know the value of high-quality sleep and care about the sleep quality of you and your loved ones. Now let's take a look at the benefits of the weighted blanket, which is the scientific approach to our grandmothers' sleeping quilts:

What our customers say?

Hormones Responsible for Sleep and Happiness On Duty!



Melatonin (Good Sleep)

Contributing to the production of melatonin hormone, the weighted duvet offers you a good sleep experience.



Serotonin (Happiness)

The weighted blanket supports serotonin production and helps you feel better.



Cortizol (Less Stress)

The weighted blanket helps you cope with stress by reducing the cortisol hormone. So, you will have a quiet day.

Reasons to Choose Weighted Blanket

Do you have trouble falling asleep?

The weighted duvet with glass beads allows you to fall asleep within minutes.

Do you Have a Stressful Life?

It keeps your stress level under control by giving you the feeling of being hugged by deep pressure stimulation.

Are you waking up tired?

You wake up fresh thanks to hormones triggered by the weighted blanket.

Having trouble concentrating?

It increases the living standards of people with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.

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