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Who we are?

Weighted Blanket blanket technology to produce brand in Turkey with the narthex in the Sinai Limited, 2018 at the Bosphorus and the Marmara University was founded by two young graduates. The aim of the company was to offer products that make life easier in the light of new technologies to the whole world. Many innovative products offered by Nartek Limited were recognized all over the world in a short time, making life easier for hundreds of thousands of homes.

Technology & Design

The products were developed in collaboration with Sicence teams at renowned universities in Turkey

Professional Support

Our experienced product teams will be happy to answer your questions on request

Made with Love

We have designed and manufactured our products to be as comfortable and soft as possible

In 2018, Nartek rolled up its sleeves to enter the world's most vibrant blanket market as a manufacturer and exporter. As a result of months of R&D work, even the standards that Europe sought in production were exceeded and with the special technology developed by the company, local fabrics in Istanbul started to be blended with glass beads. The first blanket export mainly to Europe from Turkey in February 2019 was held under the narthex roof. All production of the company was sold to European countries until 2021.

Weighted blankets were developed in 1999 for children suffering from autism and hyperactivity-related sleep problems. Over time, the product has been adopted by everyone, with the emergence of a large number of positive effects on healthy individuals of all ages. In particular, increased sleep complaints in the process of a pandemic, narthex weighted blankets were encouraged to offer to Turkey. This is how Sinada Home branded blankets were born.

Weighted blankets are our grandmothers' quilts that sleep soundly, processed with new technologies and adapted to modern life. They are easy to store, easy to clean and easy to carry. If your child or you, especially if you have trouble falling asleep due to anxiety or if you complain about your sleep quality, the modern interpretation of the grandmother quilt, the Sinada Home-weighted blanket, can also support you.

If there are people around you who have problems such as autism, hyperactivity or just sleep problems, make sure they are aware of this extraordinary product. Because generations that sleep well means a country that starts the day bright.

Nartek Family

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