Why SINADA Weighted Blanket?

Good Quality Sleep Means Good Quality Life!

If even one person cannot get any comfortable sleep in our house, this means there is a big problem for the whole family. A person that couldn't get proper sleep suffers from unrestfulness the whole day and reflects this to their peers. The child, who cannot sleep comfortably, has problems socializing and has difficulty keeping up with their peers. The educational success of those young people who cannot get a comfortable sleep decreases. If the individual who cannot sleep well is an adult, their social and occupational life is affected negatively.

Problems caused by poor quality sleep can be seen in all areas of life. It’s been estimated that every one of five traffic accidents is caused by sleeplessness. The fact that those who sleep well can earn more than the average person is a very concrete example of the importance of quality sleep.

During the R&D process of the first domestically produced weighted blankets exported from Turkey to Europe, we were also sleepless (Please read the details in the About Us section). That's why we know the value of high-quality sleep and care about the sleep quality of you and your loved ones. Now let's take a look at the benefits of the weighted blanket, which is the scientific approach to our grandmothers' sleeping quilts:

A Comfortable Sleep

It allows you to fall asleep easily and sleep like a baby all night with its weighted blanket glass beads.

Mental Health

It balances the cortisol hormone with glass beads, allowing you to cope with stress.


It triggers the serotonin hormone, allowing you to start the day happy and be happy all day.

Often times, our daily stress and anxiety resurface when we lie down in our bed. We lie on the bed and think for hours and can't somehow fall asleep.

The Weighted Blanket is for quality sleep and much more!!

1. Sleep Onset Latency

Turkey is one of the countries that love hugging and cuddling the most in the world. Hugging increases the production of the serotonin hormone, also known as the happy hormone.

The serotonin hormone is our natural source of happiness and energy. Our weighted blankets also give you and your loved ones the feeling of a sweet hug and cuddle all night long.

Rising serotonin levels reduce anxiety, relax your muscles and reduce the time to fall asleep.

2. Deep Sleep

The most beneficial part of our sleep is the part that is called deep sleep. We have already stated that the feeling of being hugged that the weighted blanket gives will contribute to serotonin secretion.

Rising serotonin levels increase your deep sleep time, prolonging this most beneficial part of sleep. This increases the level of melatonin, another hormone.

Perhaps the most important of the many positive effects of the melatonin hormone is that it prevents the development of cancer cells.

3. Less Movement During Sleep

We all move more or less during our sleep. The weighted blanket you choose that is between 8% and 12% of your body weight helps to reduce the number of turns in bed during the night by putting a lightweight on you.

The decreased movement in the bed significantly increases the sleep quality of you and the person you share your bed with if you have one.

4. Dealing with the Anxiety

No matter how healthy we are, modern life sometimes makes us carry more burdens than we can.

School or workload, the chaos of concrete cities, and minor's usual fear of growing: all increase our level of anxiety. High anxiety constantly prevents us from living in the present by focusing on past sorrows or future uncertainties.

The weighted blanket helps us to focus on the present time by applying deep pressure touch stimulation to our body. Improving sleep quality and sleep onset latency allows us to wake up more energetic in the morning. This means higher performance throughout the day!

5. Supporting Our Children with Autism/Asperger's Syndrome

Autism and Asperger's Syndrome is not a disease but a difference. With the right support and education, our children with autism/Asperger's can survive, even manage to achieve unbelievable success. It is thought that many geniuses belong to this group. Unfortunately, our children with autism/Asperger's have a low quality of sleep.

The feeling of weight the blanket will put on their body helps them feel their own body more by affecting the muscles, joints, and tendons. This situation creates body awareness to control themselves. Also, they are the ones that need the feeling of being hugged and cuddled the most, that weighted blanket gives .

6. Hyperactivity

Hyperactivity leads to falling behind in school and social life, especially during childhood.

Children and adults with this condition have to cope with severe anxiety both due to the nature of hyperactivity and socialization problems.

The sweet heaviness of our blankets can increase awareness for them to control themselves by affecting their whole body. Serotonin (happy hormone), which is produced more due to the feeling of being hugged and cuddled weighted blanket gives, plays an important role in reducing anxiety caused by hyperactivity.

7. Sensory Processing Disorder

The deep pressure touch stimulation method is frequently used by experts in the treatment of children with these complaints.

Weighted blankets also add extra lightweight to these children's bodies, increasing their awareness of their own bodies.

Improving the quality of sleep makes very positive changes in the lives of children with this disorder.

8. Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Both disorders are characterized by a decline in motor, language, and emotional abilities and memory loss.

As the disorder progresses, body and mind control decreases, causing uncontrollable tantrums and depression.

9. Parkinson’s

In Parkinson's disease, which becomes more frequent with advanced age; loss of body and mind control occurs.

Using a weighted blanket can be a practical solution for the individual suffering from Parkinson's to become more aware of their own body.

The weight that the blanket applies, means more sensory signals on the muscles, joints, and tendons. This awareness can facilitate the control of the body and the mind.

10. Restless Legs Syndrome

In Restless Legs Syndrome, individual tries to relieve the uneasiness by involuntarily contracting their legs.

The generally accepted treatments for this syndrome are massage and relaxation techniques.

The feeling of extra weight that the weighted blanket will put on the body can provide light stimulation to the muscles and joints, allowing the person to relax with this feeling instead of contracting their legs.

Weighted blankets have changed the sleep habits of millions of people around the world with the benefits we briefly summarized above. To learn more about this new trend of sleep, please also read our Scientific Evidence article.

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